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Dakota Fanning Covers InStyle UK's December 2012 Issue

Dakota Fanning covers InStyle UK's December 2012 Issue wearing a beautiful, white Chanel dress featuring splashes of floral print. Inside the 18-year-old actress talks about everything from her Breaking Dawn co-star, Kristen Stewart's affair to dating and being single.

Dakota on Kristen Stewart's recent scandal: "Well, I just think that media frenzies like that… Everyone thinks they have the right to, you know, publicize the struggles and sadness and heartbreak and all of that. It’s like, ‘Why do you think you are the authority to judge people’s experiences?"

Dakota on staying sane: "Why have I been able to stay sane in a sometimes insane world? The pure love of what I do. Making movies."

Dakota on being single: "You know, I’m not the kind of girl or person who really wants boyfriends in my life. I’m also the kind of person… I’m very black and white in what I feel and I don’t wanna be with someone that I don’t foresee spending a long time with."

What do you think of Dakota's cover? This is best I have ever seen her look, granted she is photoshopped a smidge. Will you be picking up a copy of the issue when it hits newsstands on November 8th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: InStyle UK

Taylor Swift Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine's December 2012

Taylor Swift is Cosmopolitan's December 2012 cover girl. The young country star graces the cover in a beautiful, plum colored Kelly Wearstler ensemble paired with a Vanessa Mooney bracelet. Inside the 22-year-old dishes on her upcoming tour and her love life, which the cover states "Crazy for a Kennedy." Oops Taylor and Conor Kennedy recently split.

Taylor on her upcoming Red tour: "I didn't think I could be any more excited about my RED album, but then I start thinking about how I'm going to put the new show together for The RED Tour. I have so many ideas about how to really bring this music to life, and I can't wait to share the new show with all my fans!"

Taylor on the best relationship advice she's received: "Jay Leno told me, 'It's easy. Just marry your conscience. Marry the one who wants to make you a better person.'"

Taylor on what she can’t handle in a relationship: “I can’t deal with someone wanting to take a relationship backward or needing space or cheating on you. It’s a conscious thing: it’s a common-sense thing…I just don’t ever want to end up in a relationship that isn’t fair ever again.”

Taylor on what else she could imagine herself doing, besides music: “Being a mom full time, doing everything for my kids, having a bunch of them. One day, I’m sure. But that’s the only other thing that could be as thrilling for me as doing this.”

What do you think of Taylor's cover? Will you be picking up a copy when it hits newsstands on November 6th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Nicole Kidman Covers Harper's Bazaar November 2012 Issue

Nicole Kidman graces the cover of the November 2012 issue of Harper's Bazaar looking like a Greek Goddess in a gold lamé, halter-neck Emilio Pucci gown accessorized with a gold Cartier cuff. Kidman's accompanying fashion editorial features her posed with monster trucks in various ensembles from Missoni, Chanel and Versace.

Inside the 45-year-old Paperboy actress dishes about her early years of fame when she was married to Tom Cruise to her red carpet style.

Nicole on early fame when she was married to Tom Cruise: “In those early years, it was like, ‘I’m here and I’m clutching onto your arm, and it all feels a little overwhelming and really strange,” she recalls. “And I was shy. Deeply shy. I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But I felt very comfortable at home.”


Nicole on her husband of six years, Keith Urban: “He just gave me confidence through just being very kind to me and understanding me, opening me up to trying things, my sexuality, those sorts of things.”

Nicole on pregnancy rumors: “Less as you get older. All of that other stuff becomes less important. Like, I’ve always had a little belly. I mean, now that I’m 45, they don’t say, ‘Oh, she’s pregnant!’ as much. But I’ve got skinny arms and legs, and then I’ve got a little belly.”

Nicole on red carpet attire: "I make sure to wear comfortable dresses because I want to be able to go out afterward and, you know, bend.”

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: FGR, Design Scene

Diane Kruger Covers Marie Claire France November 2012 Issue

Diane Kruger covers the November 2012 issue of Marie Claire France wearing a gorgeous leopard print Azzedine Alaïa trench coat. Her accompanying editorial is fittingly titled "Lady Diane" and features the German born actress, styled by Claudia Englemann in some of the most striking fashions and accessories for the fall/winter season.

Check out the pictures below of Diane wearing designs from Stella McCartney, Roger Vivier  and Valentino. Which fashionable look is your favorite? 






Diane wearing a Stella McCartney jumpsuit and Roger Vivier heels.

Diane wearing Azzedine Alaïa leopard trench coat.

Diane wearing a Valentino ensemble.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore 

Image Source: The Fashion Spot

Kate Upton Covers Cosmopolitan Magazine's November 2012 Issue

Kate Upton graces the cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine for their November 2012 Issue. The supermodel, who was photographed on a farm in Warwick, New York, is featured on the cover wearing a white, Lulu's mini dress with a sexy neckline and three-quarter length sleeves. The accompanying editorial has Kate wearing items from Rag & Bone and the new Cosmopolitan for JCPenney collection.

Inside the 20-year-old dishes on everything from what makes her feel sexy to inner tomboy style.

Kate on what makes her feel sexy: “To me, what’s sexy is when you look like you’re having a good time. That, and when you look effortless and have messy hair.”

Kate on being girlie versus being a tomboy: “I’m a little bit of a mix – a girlie girl and a tomboy. When I’m in a city, I’m girlie. But when I’m around a barn, I turn into a tomboy.”


What do you think of Kate's cover? Will you be picking up the issue when it hits newsstands on October 9th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Cosmopolitan

Taylor Swift Covers Glamour Magazine's November 2012 Issue

Taylor Swift graces the cover of Glamour Magazine's November 2012 issue wearing a fabulous mixed separates ensemble including a gold, lace Burberry London tank paired with a voluminous Dior skirt and a glittering, diamond Tiffany and Co. bracelet.

Inside the 22-year-old country singer dished on everything from her friendships with Emma Stone and Selena Gomez to being misunderstood.

Taylor on the importance of having girlfriends: “They are so important in my life right now. I'm the kind of girl who needs to tell her friends everything. I've developed this really close-knit group of girls. Two of my close friends are bandmates. My other close friends are Ashley, Claire, Diana, Emma (Stone), and Selena (Gomez).”

Taylor on her friendship with Emma Stone and Selena Gomez: “I met Emma when I was 17, and I met Selena when I was 18. So they’ve experienced all of this with me, and they’ve also experienced their own amazing success, and somehow through all of it, we’ve stayed close."

Taylor on being misunderstood: “I think some people think it’s just apple pie and sunshine and sprinkles and ponies. Which is just funny. But I never feel the need to go out and make some grand statement that I’m dark and twisty and complicated, because I’m not that either. It’s just not as simple as ponies and rainbows, though I do love ponies and rainbows.”

What do you think of Taylor's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of the issue when it hits stands on October 9th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Glamour

Gwyneth Paltrow Covers InStyle's October 2012 Issue

Gwyneth Paltrow is featured on the cover of InStyle's October 2012 issue wearing a sleek and sophisticated, plum colored Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit paired with Fred Leighton earrings and Vhernier bracelets.

Inside the 39-year-old dishes on her dieting habits, not allowing her kids to watch television in their native English and she and husband, Chris Martin's differences.

On the differences between her and her husband, Chris Martin: "Probably our artistic temperaments. Artists are sensitive; there are ups and downs mood-wise. Musicians need a certain gravitas and focus in order to write. The temperament that goes with someone who is creative can be challenging. I focus more on understanding than being understood."

Gwyneth on only allowing her children to watch television in a foreign language: "I only let them watch TV in French or Spanish. When I'm in France, I go to [Boulevard] Beaumarchais and buy all their cartoons."

Gwyneth on her draconian diet: "I was very strict for a while, I was macrobiotic for a couple of years, then I got pregnant and just ate ice cream. What I've learned is that I want to enjoy my life, and food us a big part of it. I love to cook and feed people. I cook everyday."

Gwyneth on her favorite food to indulge in: "My indulging is a fresh baguette with cheese and a glass of red wine or french fries and fried zucchini. Or a turkey burger."

What do you think of Gwyneth's cover? Will you be picking up a copy when it hits newsstands on September 21st?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: InStyle

Katie Holmes Covers Harper's Bazaar Russia October 2012 Issue

Katie Holmes is Harper's Bazaar Russia's October 2012 cover girl. The newly single actress, who was photographed by Gilles Bensimon, is featured on the cover wearing a lovely lilac, cap-sleeved gown. For Katie's accompanying editorial, the actress is styled in various looks from Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Moschino and Versace.

Since her split from Tom Cruise, Holmes has been busy. Last week Katie and her design partner Jeanne Yang presented their Spring 2013 collection for Holmes & Yang. It was the duo's first New York Fashion Week appearance.

The 33-year-old actress will soon begin rehearsals for her return to Broadway in the new play Dead Accounts opposite two-time Tony Award-winner Norbert Leo Butz. 



What do you think of Katie's cover?  

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: The Fashion Spot

Keira Knightley Covers Vogue's October 2012 Issue

Keira Knightley graces the cover of Vogue's October 2012 issue wearing an embroidered, lace Chanel Haute Couture organza gown paired with matching metallic gloves and glittering diamond and pearl drop earrings. For her accompanying editorial, Vogue's Creative Director, Grace Coddington, styled Knightley in couture creations from Valentino and Dior.

Inside, the 27-year-old star dishes on being a feminist, on staring in a West End Play and her role in Anna Karenina.

Keira on being a feminist: "I remember doing interviews, and people would ask, as if it was a joke, 'So you mean you are a feminist?' As though feminism couldn't be discussed unless we were making fun of it. I don't want to deny my femininity, but would I want to be a stay-at-home mother? No. On the other hand, you should be allowed to do that, as should men without being sneered at."

Keira on starring in a West End play: “It was terrifying. I knew that I knew very little, but I didn’t realize how much I needed to pick up until four weeks before we opened. I mean technically, as in learning how to project into an 800-seat theater… I’d love to do a new play. Which is why I think Off-Broadway or in a smaller venue in London would be amazing.”

Keira on playing the character Anna Karenina: “When I reread the book last summer, I went, ‘Oh!’ It’s not a romance at all. I don’t think that Tolstoy is saying this is what you should do for love; quite a lot of the time he is saying the reverse. He hates Anna at certain moments. She is both a villain and a heroine. She can be incredibly vain and manipulative. She is somebody who breaks her own moral code, and yet the shame and disgust she lives with because of that make her fascinating.”

What do you think of Keira's cover? Will you be picking  up a copy when it hits newsstands on September 25th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Vogue

Jennifer Lawrence Covers W Magazine's October 2012 Issue

Jennifer Lawrence covers W Magazine's October 2012 issue in a black, feathered strapless gown. Her accompanying editorial has her posing in several feathered frocks (channeling a Mockingjay perhaps).  Inside, the 22-year-old star dishes on life in Hollywood, her dancing skills for her role in The Silver Linings Playbook and more.

Jennifer on trying to keep her Hunger Games role a secret on the Oscars red carpet: “My mom talked about Hunger Games on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, which was something I had told her a million times not to do. She’s like Dina Lohan!— but she has good taste.”

Jennifer on her dancing talent for The Silver Linings Playbook: “I’m such a bad dancer. I don’t have many talents: I’m not a good cook, I can’t clean, and I can’t sew. The only thing I can do well is shoot bow and arrow—which I learned to do for The Hunger Games and will probably never come in handy—and act.”

Jennifer on life in Hollywood: “Sadly, I cannot live in Los Angeles anymore. I don’t understand how actors can do it. You have no life here. You are followed everywhere. It’s not like that anywhere else in the world. I don’t want to stay in L.A. and start thinking that’s reality— because it’s very far from normal. But I still love movies. I’m just going to love being in them from Kentucky, or Prague, or somewhere else.”

What do you think of Jennifer's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands on September 25th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: W Magazine

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