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Blake Lively Covers Marie Claire South Africa's September 2012 Issue

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively graces the cover of Marie Claire South Africa's September 2012 issue in a stunning, shimmering Gucci dress. Inside, the 24-year-old actress dished on everything from fashion to her ex-boyfriends.

Blake on her fashion: "My assistant will call style houses for me, but I pick the outfit, shoes and jewelry, and I often do my own hair and make-up for events. Sometimes I think, “Why do I do this to myself? It’s so much extra work.’”

Blake on her current celebrity obsession: “I love Florence Welch. She’s pure magic. I always admire people who make really strong choices. When you do something bold, it’s usually because you feel really good in it.”

Blake on what all her boyfriends have in common: “They all like to eat! To be around me, you must love food, or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met. I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I talk about.”

What do you think of Blake's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of he issue when it hits newsstands?

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Olivia Palermo Covers InStyle UK's October 2012 Issue

Olivia Palermo looks so glamorous for the cover of  InStyle UK's October 2012 issue wearing a floral-print Christian Dior full-skirted dress paired with DSquared2 sunnies and bold Chanel cocktail rings.

Her accompanying editorial has her styled in several sweet floral looks from Antonio Berardi, McQ by Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana.

Inside, the 26-year-old dishes on not wanting to be compared to Kim Kardashian, always looking her most stylish and her floral-themed photo shoot.

Olivia on not wanting to be compared to Kim Kardashian: “Whatever she’s done, it’s worked, but I do things differently. I’m in fashion. I’m in New York. I’m in London. And I’m in the rest of Europe. She’s LA… Our careers are very different.”

Olivia on always looking her best: “I like walking out of the house feeling fully pulled together. It doesn’t matter if there’s someone standing outside my apartment or not. I couldn’t care less. I like getting dressed for me and not them.”

Olivia on her floral-themed photo shoot: “This season you’re definitely seeing floral back in trend. Not only have we seen it on the spring runways but we’re also seeing it in fall, which is nice and refreshing.”


What do you think of Olivia's cover? 

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Image Source: InStyle UK

Gwen Stefani Covers Elle UK's October Issue

Gwen Stefani graces the cover of Elle UK's October 2012 Issue. The singer, who was photographed by Matt Irwin, is featured wearing a mixed separates ensemble featuring a long-sleeved, digital print top by Peter Pilotto and a floaty, floral print skirt by McQ.

Inside the issue, the 42-year-old talks about No Doubt's upcoming sixth album "Push and Shove" which is set for release on September 16th and also talks about the difficulties of motherhood and finding a way to balance it all.

What do you think of Gwen's cover look? Do you prefer this cover or her September Harper's Bazaar cover?




Be sure to pick up a copy when it hits newsstands September 5th.

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Elizabeth Olsen Rocks Pink Hair for Bullett Magazine Feature

Elizabeth Olsen rocks pink, cotton candy colored hair for her editorial feature in the Fall 2012 Romance issue of Bullett Magazine. The 23-year-old poses in an assortment of dreamy dresses and ensembles from Chanel, Marchesa and Balmain in a romantic setting, including a bed of roses.

Check out what the Liberal Arts actress dished about working hard to make her own path and on the support she receives from her father.

Elizabeth on working hard to make a name for herself on her own: “There’s definitely a reason why I went to so many acting conservatories. The more I trained, the less people could say, ‘Oh, she’s just so-and-so’s sister.’ They can still say that, sure—I have no control over that—but at least I know I’ve worked hard. There was definitely a time when I overcompensated, but I’m kind of over that.”

Elizabeth on her supportive father: “My dad’s greatest pleasure is watching his kids do what they want to do. Nowadays, he loves going to my sisters’ fashion shows or coming to visit me on set.”

Will you be picking up a copy when the issue hits stands on September 5th?

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Kaya Scodelario Covers Wonderland Magazine's September/October 2012 Issue

Kaya Scodelario graces the cover of  Wonderland Magazine's September/October 2012 Issue wearing a beautiful, white lace Dolce & Gabbana top and black, leather shoulder bag. The British born actress talked about her Skins character, Effy and what it was like working with Dakota Fanning on her new film Now is Good, which makes its way to theaters on September 19th in the United Kingdom.

Kaya on Skins: “Skins was like our University experience. It was fun and crazy and dramatic and terrible but I wouldn’t swap it for anything. They wanted us to be real kids going through those things. Everyone was falling in love for the first time or having their heart broken or having family problems or leaving home. It was a way of understanding all the shit going on in our lives. We were like, ‘It’ll be OK in the end, ‘cos in the end of this episode, it’s fine!’ And Effy holds a special place in my heart. She’s coming back, we are doing a final episode next year.”

Kaya on working with Dakota: “Dakota is probably the most professional person I’ve ever worked with. She knows all her lines, she’s there on time every day, and she’s fully prepared. I really respect that, but I really need the social side as well. I think I’d go crazy if I was working constantly. But filming Now Is Good was a great experience. I got to wear some really cool outfits and run around Brighton, one of my favorite places in the world. All my family live on the South Coast so they got to come down and watch me film. My Nan is in the back of a shot. We’re on the pier and she’s behind, hobbling along!”

Will you be picking up a copy when it hits newsstands on August 31st?

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Carly Rae Jepsen Covers Fashion Magazine's October 2012 Issue

Carly Rae Jepsen is Fashion Magazine's October 2012 cover girl. The "Call Me Maybe" singer looks fabulous wearing an emerald green, printed Alexander McQueen dress paired with leopard print Christian Louboutin heels and Rita Tesolin earrings. Inside the 26-year-old dishes on being a pop star, finding love and her upcoming album, Kiss, which debuts September 18th. 

Carly Rae on pop stardom: “Nobody can do Britney again. She did a great job at it. I just want to be the best Carly Rae I can be.”

Carly Rae on finding love: “I definitely have a little attraction to bad guys, but they have to be sweethearts underneath. After all, I like to be treated well—it’s important to me.”

Carly Rae on her upcoming album, Kiss: “My new songs are like clothes done by Versace or Moschino… my music is bejeweled, it’s colorful, it’s romantic, it shines.”


Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine when it hits stands on September 10th?

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Milla Jovovich Covers Flare's October 2012 Issue

Milla Jovovich graces the October 2012 cover of Flare Magazine wearing an elegant, navy Calvin Klein dress. The gorgeous actress is wearing statement accessories that include Fallon earrings, a CBD bangle and a Baccarat ring. Her accompanying editorial has her wearing a printed look from Peter Pilotto and a purple Versus frock.

Inside the 36-year-old actress talks about her role as an action hero in Resident Evil: Retribution, her mom's tough love and dealing with bullies.

Milla on playing an action hero in Resident Evil: Retribution: “You have to spend the whole day in this state of perpetual fear. The fight-or-flight instinct is in overdrive. It was a headache! Literally, my head would be pounding at the end of the day!”

Milla on her mother: “I would always hear her whispering in my ear, ‘I’ll kill myself if anything happens to you!’ So, I kind of knew when to say no; when not to continue the party, because I whole-heartedly believed that if anything had happened to me my mom would have killed herself… I still put her through hell. She didn’t know that in my head I knew when to stop. I tell her, ‘My God, it could have been so much worse!’”

Milla on coping with bullies: “I knew it was so temporary. School is going to disappear, and there’s a whole future out there.”

Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands?

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Lea Michele Covers Nylon's September 2012 Issue

Lea Michele is Nylon Magazine's September 2012 cover girl, looking sultry wearing a pair of flirty cat ears and a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweatshirt, Honeydew socks, and an ASOS headband. The 25-year-old Glee star dished on days spent as a child actor, her upcoming solo album and dealing with the paparazzi.

Lea on her days as a child actor: “I was a weird kid. I was eight years old saying I don’t want a day off. I’d like to work every day, please.’”

Lea on her upcoming first solo album: “I want to make songs where girls can just roll down the windows of their car or dance around in their rooms in their underwear, like, I hate my ex-boyfriend! or I’m so in love! Because that’s what I want [to hear]–power-girl songs.”

Lea on dealing  the paparazzi: “I’m sorry but it’s so strange. I always feel now that people only want to get the worst out of sitting and talking to me. I feel a weird thing where it’s like, ‘Do you just want to find out something bad?’”

Will you be picking up a copy when the issue hits stands on August 28th?

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Chelsea Handler Covers Marie Claire @ Work's September 2012 Issue

Chelsea Handler is Marie Claire @ Work's September 2012 cover girl. The funny lady of late night on E! is featured wearing a sleek, deep merlot colored suiting ensemble and looks lovely with natural makeup and flowing blonde tresses.

The 37-year-old talked about her career ambitions, the cancellation of her show, Are You There, Chelsea on NBC, her relationship with Ted Harbert and on talking less celebrity gossip on Chelsea Lately.

Chelsea on being driven with her career: “I don’t like to be that aggressive or ambitious. I know it doesn’t seem like that, but I don’t feel like, ‘Oh God, I’ve got to do this, I’ve got to do that.’ I have severe ADD, and I’m constantly looking to amuse myself.”

Chelsea on the cancellation of Are You There, Chelsea?: "Creatively, it was a really good lesson, and I knew I was due for one. I can't just throw my name on something and hope everybody gets it. Everything I've done has been really fortuitous, but you don't learn a lot when everything's easy all the time."

On her relationship with E!’s Ted Harbert: “I would come home from work, and Ted would be like, ‘Do you want to watch your show?’ and I’d be like, ‘No, I just came from my show. That’s the last thing I’d want to do.’ That was the reason it didn’t work out, ultimately. I think.”

On wanting to tackle more serious issues on Chelsea Lately: “There was a period of time when I started getting antsy and was like, ‘Ugh, I can’t sit here and gossip anymore.’ I want to talk more about politics and human-interest stories, like when somebody shoots somebody else at a drive-through over Chicken McNuggets–stupid stuff like that.”

Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine? Read more with Chelsea at MarieClaire.com!

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Jennifer Lopez Covers InStyle's September 2012 Issue

Jennifer Lopez graces the cover of InStyle magazine's September issue wearing a Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci top and skirt. The 43-year-old entertainer dishes on her divorce from Marc Anthony, being a parent and, of course, being in love.

Jennifer on love: “The most important quality the man in my life should have is that he is sweet. I like the good guys… The hard part is that you never stop believing in love. You never stop. But that’s also the best part. You never stop believing, and you never, ever give up.”

Jennifer on dealing with tough times: “I live by the mantra that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. It’s not until something bad or difficult happens that you really get to grow. And then you realize that those difficult moments, the times when you feel pain, are when you do a lot of your growing. You realize: There’s no reason to be terrified of things. Either way I’m going to be OK.”

Jennifer on being a parent: “Of course, I’m the same as any parent. I feel the pressures of wanting to be a great parent and of wanting to do right by my children. I feel the pressure of knowing you can’t be perfect even though you want to be. One thing I’ve learned: Being a mom, or a dad, is the most important job there is. It doesn’t matter who you are. You have to embrace it for everything that it is.”

Will you be picking up a copy when the issue hits stands on August 17th?

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