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Emma Stone~

Emma attended the 2011 Teen Choice Awards in this color blocked Christian Dior shift dress. She completed her look with bronze Lanvin ankle wrapped heels and Irene Neuwirth jewels. 
















~Christy Pastore 

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2011 Couture Week: Christian Dior

Myself, along with hordes of other fashion-lovers, were biting our nails at the thought of what was going to be presented at the Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2011 show. The Atelier for the house apparently was placed in charge of the design aspect in Galliano's stead. So basically, instead of having one man in command, it was a collaboration between a large group of people.








To put this bluntly – it was a pure disaster. I hate to say it but it's true. It's a shame to see the house suffering so much over all of the scandal, but I will keep my comments and opinions on Mr. Galliano at a minimum. Love him or hate him, John Galliano's absence from the house is completely evident in this collection that is a hodgepodge of things found beneath the couch cushions.

There was absolutely no cohesiveness in the collection unless you count messiness. Admittedly, there are some (albeit very few) good design elements hidden in some of these poorly executed pieces that do not reflect the true heart of the house, but they are difficult to pinpoint. This is haute couture? It looks like “haute poubelle.” Poubelle is garbage in French, for those unknowing.









 It breaks my heart to bring this news to you, but as you can see from the images, it was strictly a poor show. And then these ridiculous head-pieces? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with forward-thinking (that's what couture is, in a way), but celestial star hats and cubes on the heads of models? Really?

You be the judge. I don't have anything particularly positive to say about the collection which upsets me. I don't have much feeling that we'll be seeing a whole lot of Dior haute couture walking red carpet events and parties this winter season. Thoughts? Concerns or comments? Let me and the rest of the FWU team know and be sure to follow us on Twitter for more couture week news and reviews. For more pics visit our Facebook page!

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- Keith Christopher @_kchristopher_

Galliano's Day in Court

The former Creative Director of Christian Dior is on trial in Paris today over allegations of making racist slurs in a cafe.

John Galliano is charged with public insults and could spend up to six months in prison and pay thousands in fines.

The court is not expected to make a ruling today in the case. Videos of the two rants surfaced right before Paris Fashion Week. Galliano was quickly fired from the legendary French fashion house. His successor has not been named.

Defense attorneys admit Galliano made the remarks, but say he was fueled by a drug and alcohol problem.

Christian Dior Fall 2011~

Despite all the melodrama happening the past week with Galliano's alleged verbal assault on a couple in Paris and the stomach turning video that surfaced forcing the house to fire him and have his name topping headlines everywhere, the collection was pure magic. It was easily the best thing to be seen this season from everywhere. The show singlehandedly tops anything in New York, Milan, or London. Galliano knows his stuff and is a fantastic designer that should be commended on his striking talents.
Love him or hate him based on the drama, Galliano provided that for us with this collection. Drama. Each look was drizzled in detail and it's these subtleties that truly make any collection shine. The show opened with a classic Dior idea but with a rather hard edge. A cropped vest over a mulberry colored sweater, midnight satin pants, high leather boots, and a black cloak that went on behind her for days made my jaw drop. It's exactly what fashion is all about: creating a story, painting a picture for audiences.
Each piece was divine and I can't ramble about them all but I will mention a few of these pastel colored outfits that were dispersed here and there throughout the show. One of my favorites is this baby blue ensemble: crinkled shorts tied at the side seam hems, a rather Chanel-looking jacket, and puffs of pastel socks coming from within brown leather booties.
Also, several tiered, ruffled dresses that hinted at film noire stalked the runways as shown here in this muted dress, styled magnificently. It was the show that was being talked about. Rumors were being stirred, anticipations being teased. After what we saw today it lived up to all the media foreplay and the show ended with Dior's atelier coming out on-stage and collecting the applause.
I love it. What people have to do is separate a designer's personal character from their aesthetic and appreciate the art from the designer despite any drunken slurs they may be preaching. Your thoughts? Let me and the rest of the FWU team know and be sure to follow us on Twitter!
~Keith Christopher @_KChristopher_
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