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Blake Lively Covers Allure's October 2012 Issue

Blake Lively looks radiant on the cover of Allure Magazine's October 2012 issue. Lively, who is filming the final season of her hit show Gossip Girl looks casual cool in a white, silk georgette Gucci dress photographed by Carter Smith. Inside, the newlywed dishes on how she feels about her life, her Savages co-star Taylor Kitsch, dealing with body imperfections and on wanting a family. 

Blake on how she feels about her life: “Right now, I’m so peaceful…I’ve never been happier in my life. It’s the choice that you have to wake up every day and say, ‘There’s no reason today can’t be the best day of my life.”

Blake on Savages co-star Taylor Kitsch: "Our first day [was filming] the sex scenes. I was in a full-length skirt, a full top, and he was the one with his tush sticking out. But that was kind of empowering, like, ha-ha!"

Blake on her body: “I obviously have plenty of imperfections on my body, but I’d rather have a little bit of cellulite and go do a food trip and try every ice cream place in the South.”

Blake on wanting children: “I’ve always wanted a big family. Oh, I’d love 30 [children] if I could."


Will you be picking up a copy of the issue when it hits stands on September 25th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Leighton Meester Covers Cosmopolitan UK's October 2012 Issue

Leighton Meester graces the cover of Cosmopolitan UK's October 2012 issue in a sexy, black backless gown. Inside the 26-year-old Gossip Girl star dishes on her personal style versus that of her character Blair Waldorf, her thoughts on being photographed while wearing no make-up and more.

Leighton on not wearing makeup: “I don’t care if there are a million pictures of me with no makeup. I love being able to walk down the street without it. We should promote women not having to wear makeup, or at least feel we can go out without it.”

Leighton on comparing her style to Blair Waldorf’s: “I’ve never seen Blair with the same bag, coat or shoes twice. I don’t know anyone who had that. I had two pairs of jeans [when I was a teenager] that I rotated. I wouldn’t trust myself with a Prada brag! I didn’t even want to change for gym so I’d wear sweatpants over my jeans, then sweat around the track for an hour.”

Leighton on being awkward around people: “If I’m not around close friends or family, I can get quiet and awkward, and it probably comes off as not very nice or just plain weird! It’s not meant to. I try to pull myself out of it but sometimes it’s hard for me to open up. In the past it was easier for me to trust people. Nowadays I judge pretty quickly: ‘You just want to be my friend because I’m on a TV show.’”

What do you think of Leighton's cover? Will you be picking up a copy when it hits newsstands on September 13th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Gwen Stefani Covers Marie Claire's October 2012 Issue

Gwen Stefani graces the cover Marie Claire's October 2012 issue wearing a sporty, belly baring ensemble featuring a green military-inspired jacket. Her accompanying editorial has her featured in ensembles from Jason Wu, Donna Karan and Alice + Olivia. Inside the singer talks about her upcoming ten year anniversary with husband, Gavin Rossdale, and her busy schedule while recording the album Push and Shove. 

Gwen on her hectic schedule while recoding "Push and Shove": "I would be up all night because my second baby [Zuma, now 4] didn't sleep, and he had a lot of ear infections. Then I'd wake up in the morning and do my workout, which I always felt I had to do, and then meetings for my three clothing lines, and then hang out with my kids, take them to preschool, da-da-da. And then at 4 o'clock, I'd be like, 'All right, I'm out of here, I'm going to go to the studio' and try to write a record. Sit on the couch [with my bandmates] and be like, 'Let's do this now because I'm missing time with the kids; I could be having dinner with them and putting them to bed.' It was really hard."

Gwen on having a third child: “I really, really, really wanted one about two years ago. And it didn’t really work out. So… I feel good with what we’ve got. Everything works out how it should. You can’t plan anything, right? You can try.”

Gwen on what her 10 year anniversary with Gavin Rossdale represents: “A miracle… my biggest accomplishment is my marriage so far. Because it’s hard, everyone knows it’s hard. [Marriage] is something that I always wanted to do successfully. It was a dream of mine. I like the official-ness and the family-ness of it all, having the same name and making decisions together.”

Will you pick up a copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands on September 18th? This is Gwen's third cover in the last two months. Which one is your favorite? Her Harper's Bazaar September 2012 cover, the Elle UK October 2012 cover or this one?

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Britney Spears Covers ELLE's October 2012 Issue

Britney Spears rocks a black, leather Versace mini dress on the cover of Elle magazine's October 2012 issue. Her accompanying editorial features the X-Factor judge donning looks from Jason Wu and Dolce & Gabbana.

Inside the 30-year-old entertainer shares everything from her laid back sense of style to dealing with the paparazzi.

Britney on her laid back style: “I love my jeans and my sweats-I’m really just a tomboy at heart. So it’s really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup-and hair-ready every time I go out of my house. I’m not a believer in that, you know?”

Britney on her fashion faux pas: “When you do wear those sweats, you’re like, Oh God, I should step it up a notch.”

Britney on dealing with the paparazzi: “I guess I’ve been under the microscope so long that I don’t even pay attention to the nonsense anymore. I gave up getting upset about things people make up about me a long time ago.”

What do you think of Britney's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of the issue?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Christina Aguilera Covers Lucky Magazine's October 2012 Issue

Christina Aguilera is Lucky Magazine's October 2012 blue jean cover girl. The 31-year-old bombshell and star of NBC's The Voice shared her thoughts on fame at a young age, dished about her new album and the challenge she face with her body.

Christina on the challenge she faced with her body: “Actually, the challenge I’ve always had is being too thin, so I love that now I have a booty, and obviously I love showing my cleavage.”

Christina on fame at a young age: “When you’re young, it’s so easy to get bull-dozed. There were these two ladies who worked at the record label who always wanted to come to fittings and dress me up like a Barbie doll. It was disgusting.”

Christina on her new album: “If you love “Fighter”, you’re going to love my new album. As a 30-year-old woman, I’ve been uncovering my independence, and it’s been really fun to explore in the new songs.”

Christina on looking back to the staggering success of Stripped: “I was 21 and fearless. It was a really great turning point for me to be the artist I’d always wanted to be.”

The issue is currently available on newsstands. Will you be picking up a copy?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Emma Watson Covers Glamour's October 2012 Issue

Emma Watson graces the cover of Glamour's October 2012 issue looking sultry in a mixed separates ensemble featuring a Zadig & Voltaire jacket, Nina Ricci dress, Stella McCartney bra and Salvatore Ferragamo necklace.

Inside, The Perks of Being A Wallflower actress is seen wearing looks from Marc Jacobs and McQ Alexander McQueen. The 22-year-old shares everything from her Lena Dunham obsession, on growing her hair out and on not wanting to date another actor.

Emma on growing out her hair: “I have to for roles. But if I had it my way, I would have just kept it short forever. Of course, men like long hair. There’s no two ways about it. The majority of the boys around me were like, “Why did you do that? That’s such an error.” And I was like, “Well, honestly, I don’t really care what you think!” I’ve never felt so confident as I did with short hair—I felt really good in my own skin.”

Emma on her Lena Dunham obsession: “I am literally obsessed with [Girls creator and star] Lena Dunham. She’s, like, my favorite person in the world. I follow her on Twitter; I read her every day. And, yes, Girls is an example of something so refreshing because it feels real.”

Emma on not wanting to day yet another actor: “I try not to. It certainly makes me nervous. I haven’t tried out to make many others superstar close friends or day men and women who are in my industry, because it is challenging and it can be truly superficial. I am fortunate that most of the individuals I’ve dated I’ve been at university with.”

Will you be picking up a copy of the issue when it hits newsstands on September 11th? Check out a few of her pictures from the editorial below.


~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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Kristen Stewart Covers Vogue UK's October 2012 Issue

Kristen Stewart graces the cover of Vogue UK's October 2012 issue wearing a striking, floral-print Gucci silk wrap dress featuring a ruffled neckline. Inside, the actress, who was photographed by Mario Testino, is seen wearing an edgy-glam look from one of her favorite designer brands--Balenciaga. The 22-year-old dishes on everything from struggling to play it cool in the industry, going blonde for her role in On The Road and her empathy for the Beat generation.

Kristen on struggling to play it cool in this industry: “I know if you haven’t thought about how you want to present a very packaged idea of yourself then it can seem like you lack ambition. But, dude, honestly? I can’t. People expect it to be easy because there you are, out there, doing the thing that you want and making lots of money out of it. But, you know, I’m not that smooth. I can get clumsy around certain people. Like if I were to sit down and think, ‘OK, I’m really famous, how am I going to conduct myself in public?’ I wouldn’t know who that person would be! It would be a lot easier if I could, but I can’t.”

Kristen on going blonde for On the Road: “I feel like my whole body rejects it, but it was really important for the character. It was like learning an accent!”

Kristen on having empathy for the Beat generation: “There is always going to be that seam of people who want things differently to the standardized version. It’s not necessarily a rebellious thing, it’s just who they are. That world back then, it just seems freer to me than anything I could ever touch and I’m fully nostalgic for it, even though I wasn’t even alive then. It’s the loyalty aspect of it all. I love being on the periphery with a group of people who have the same values that I do. People who don’t get off on fame, who just like the process of making movies and thrive.”

Do you like Kristen's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of the issue?

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Lana Del Rey Covers Vogue Australia's October 2012 Issue

Lana Del Rey, looking like a 1960's starlet, covers Vogue Australia's October 2012 issue in a gorgeous, floral Gucci dress. The singer, who was photographed by Nicole Bentley, dished on her stage fright during live performances, how her style sense has evolved and not having anything more to write about.

Lana on having stage fright during live performances: “I love to take care of the songs – that’s my natural place – then, when I get on stage that’s not my element. Sometimes I kneel down because I am trembling or touch the audience because I don’t know what else to do. But the nice thing about the kids is that they feel bad for me, and pass me soft toys!”

Lana on how her fashion sense has evolved: “I never expressed myself through fashion. I loved flowers in my hair, I loved guys who wore leather, but I didn’t get creative… From the age of about seven I had really specific tastes that never changed. I loved wearing white, old fur and gold. It’s funny because now people in fashion kind of came to my rescue when other people said they didn’t like the record, but that was unexpected for me because I was never really that. I wear lots of white and blue shirts from Brooks Brothers and shorts when I’m in LA, and I wear this white cotton sundress every day when no-one’s looking at me. I think it’s Topshop.”

Lana on not obtaining nearly anything to say on her new album: “I said everything I needed to say before I wrote this record. I don’t even talk that much. God, talking in interviews is the most I’ve talked in years.”

Check out some of our favorite behind the scenes pictures from the shoot on our Facebook page. What do you think of Lana's cover? Will you be picking up the issue when it hits stands on September 5th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Zimbio, Vogue Australia

Miranda Kerr Covers Marie Claire Australia's October 2012 Issue

Miranda Kerr graces the cover of Marie Claire Australia's October 2012 Issue in a black and gold, baroque inspired Dolce & Gabbana corseted ensemble. Her accompanying editorial features the supermodel in varying looks as a glam mom about town on the streets of New York City.

Inside, the 29-year-old talks about her husband, Orlando Bloom's favorite home cooked meal, how her life has changed since having her son, Flynn and on modeling for magazine cover shoots.

Miranda on husband Orlando Bloom‘s favorite home cooked meal: “His favorite thing at the moment is when I slow-roast the chicken. So, I’ll put the chicken in the oven for like eight hours and just slow roast it in coconut oil with garlic and onion and, yeah, it’s delicious.”

Miranda on magazine cover photo shoots: “When you shoot a cover it’s more about engaging with the audience. You need to be a little bit more friendly and approachable. It depends on what you’re wearing, as well, and the feeling that you want to portray and what the editor wants. We all work together and you try and give a few variations and then they can get what they want.”

Miranda on what’s changed since her son Flynn‘s birth
: “Everything, I’d say. I’m not travelling as much now because I prefer to spend my time with him. It put it in a new perspective, like, he’s the most important thing. It’s amazing, and I love it.”

Will you be picking up a copy of the magazine when it hits newsstands on September 5th?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore
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Blake Lively Covers Marie Claire South Africa's September 2012 Issue

Gossip Girl star Blake Lively graces the cover of Marie Claire South Africa's September 2012 issue in a stunning, shimmering Gucci dress. Inside, the 24-year-old actress dished on everything from fashion to her ex-boyfriends.

Blake on her fashion: "My assistant will call style houses for me, but I pick the outfit, shoes and jewelry, and I often do my own hair and make-up for events. Sometimes I think, “Why do I do this to myself? It’s so much extra work.’”

Blake on her current celebrity obsession: “I love Florence Welch. She’s pure magic. I always admire people who make really strong choices. When you do something bold, it’s usually because you feel really good in it.”

Blake on what all her boyfriends have in common: “They all like to eat! To be around me, you must love food, or I’m the most obnoxious person you’ve ever met. I’m in a big cooking phase. That’s all I talk about.”

What do you think of Blake's cover? Will you be picking up a copy of he issue when it hits newsstands?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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