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By Christy Pastore

Celebrating our one year anniversary got us thinking about past photo shoots and our favorite memories. We had a chance to talk about some of our favorite shoots with the models that helped us bring those editorials to life and here is what they had to say-

Taylor Holden participated in our very first fashion editorial featuring clothing from Indy Swank boutique that took place in April of 2010 and was featured in our June 2010 issue. It’s been amazing to see Taylor grow and develop her modeling career over the past year. Taylor participated in our July, August, October, and April and May Issues. “My favorite memory from this past year working with Fashion Wrap Up I would have to say was waiting for the final pictures from the Tavik shoot. It was the first time I had modeled swimsuits, so I wasn’t sure how it would go. When the issue came out I couldn’t believe it was me!”   

Christy Wilson participated in our very first editorial alongside Taylor. Over this past year Christy has been featured in our November, March, and May Issues. “Being a part of FWU is a wonderful experience of a group that strives to encourage + excel at something we all have in common: fashion!” Christy was also named one of our “Midwest’s Most Beautiful” and was featured in our special edition December issue at the end of last year. “My favorite photo shoot with Fashion Wrap Up was the Painted Lady Dresses (May 2011) Issue. I love high fashion shoots. The combination of factors: location, fashion, makeup, hair and styling were a delight.”

Steve Sebree was the first male model we had a chance to work with this past year. Our Twilight inspired shoot was an opportunity to create something special and have some fun bringing these characters to life. Steve participated in several of our shoots and is featured in many of our issues including September, October, November, December, and January. Steve, like Christy was also honored in our “Midwest’s Most Beautiful” feature. Steve was accommodating to each shoot whether he was the main model or just a prop.   We asked Steve to tell us what his favorite shoot with Fashion Wrap Up was “Definitely the October 2010 outdoor picnic shoot for B.E. Humble. Having a lot of close friends present made for an awesome and hilarious day.” 



Ryan Dowden participated in a casting call we held last fall. Ryan had never modeled before but he told us he had always been interested in the industry and would love to gain more experience. Ryan participated in our March issue for House of 5th and we heard nothing but praise from the international design house about Ryan’s positive attitude and professionalism! We knew we had found someone special to work with after hearing such high praise from the companies Creative Director, Truen Jaimes.  Ryan is also in our March Trend Report if you look closely the male that appears in the second photo should look familiar! “This is my first year I have done anything like this it’s been an amazing experience getting my feet wet in the modeling industry. I couldn’t be happier or feel luckier than I do being able to start out with FWU.”

We met Chelsea Kouns last fall at a round table discussion regarding fashion, modeling and industry at Starbucks. We were very impressed with this young woman’s spirit and willingness to work hard so much in fact we thought she would be a great representative for our brand and work with Fashion Wrap Up in our new monthly “Trend Report” feature. We had a great time shooting in a blizzard and extreme windy conditions made for long lasting memories and gave us a story behind every picture! “It’s so hard for me to pick my favorite photo shoot with Fashion Wrap Up. I was lucky enough to have my Trend Report in every issue of FWU for five months. To be featured in the Anniversary Issue and the Pillow Talk lingerie shoot makes it hard to choose! I think they were all my favorites!”

A.J. Jones like Steve has been one of our “go to” male models over the past year. A.J. has been featured in several issues of Fashion Wrap Up and was the first guy model to get a solo cover! A.J. has been asked to tackle some uncomfortable modeling situations this past year from modeling in just his underwear, developing his acting skills and wearing skinny jeans he does it all in stride and never complains. “The best part about modeling with FWU is the “family” atmosphere and more opportunities have opened up for me because of my experience gained from working with this team.” 

Hannah File sent us an email last summer and told us that she was a huge fan of Fashion Wrap Up and would love the opportunity to work with the team! We met with Hannah and her mom Sue and we instantly connected a true creative fashion match! “My favorite memory from this past year in working with Fashion Wrap Up has been meeting all the great people involved with the magazine and being able to call them my FWU Family.” Hannah made her debut in our October issue alongside A.J. in a feature with Grace Boutique (formerly Faith Boutique). She participated in countless events for us including live modeling for the First Friday event with Allure Salon and Apricot Lane boutique style show for the Allure Salon grand opening in February. FWU underwent a little facelift last fall and our new look was revealed in January with Hannah on the cover featuring national online boutique ModCloth! “Marvelous in ModCloth" was my favorite photo shoot, it was my second shoot with FWU and it was so much fun!” 

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