The Trugg-ble with UGGs~

I know what I’m about to say will be viewed as not-so-popular, but I can’t take it anymore: I really dislike UGG boots. 

UGGs are Australian-made, high-end boots (around $200/pair) designed for comfort. These boots first started to gain popularity in the US over the previous decade and have hung on ever since. They’re everywhere:  date night, the mall, the coffee shop, even at the jeweler! 

Ladies, we need to look at this objectively. 

  1. If you are above the legal drinking age, find something else to put on your feet: we wax poetic about ridding our closets of tube tops and tight dresses at 30. The same should be said for UGGs.  Go to any fro-yo joint in Indianapolis on Friday night and count the number of tweens in UGGs and sweats. You will instantly wish you had NOT opted for those black suede puffy boots.

  2. There are far more stylish options: two words: BALLET FLATS. Take, for example, these Chinese Laundry “dazzle” ballet flats ($59.90 on They can go with jeans and a cute top.  Bonus: flats won’t make your legs look like marshmallows have attacked your feet.

  3. Symbolic status: once upon a time, UGGs were the must-have trendy accessory. Now, anyone can go get a pair (or a knock-off style for less). If you’re showing just how trendy you are, how about these Bottega Veneta slouch leather boots ($1180 on


Again, I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, but I do expect everyone to at least give my argument some thought. Leave the UGGs in the closet or sell them on EBay to a 16-year-old who can cherish them the way you did…five years ago.






Fashion Attitude: Tired (or so-over)

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Christy Pastore, Adrian Kendrick and Devon Scott

Jump & Jive 1920s Vibes


If you haven’t heard the 1920’s are back in full swing. I’m talking pearls, feathers and fringes ladies. Check out my selections showcasing this fabulous trend.







These tops are such fun. I love the dressy details on the model, a dressy but still relaxed look. $67.99, Macys.

The tribal print on the tank is lively and youthful. $19.99, Tillys

Fashion Attitude: Cute


The color scheme of the dress (left) is girly fun. The fringe on the end adds to its versatility. $54, Swell.

The sudden burst of fringe on and the dark color scheme screams look at me on this delightful Jersey Shore dress (right). Comfy and stylish! $55, Flannels.

Fashion Attitude: Casual Elegance





Who doesn’t love a good messenger bag? You swing it over your shoulder; stuff it with all your goodies and your ready to hit the streets. This particular one is edgy chic. $59.50, Swell.

For that night out, you can easily switch it up to a sophisticated clutch. This vibrant blue hue is amazing. $66, Boticca.

Fashion Attitude: Outrageously Hip



Give me a fringe necklace and I’m a happy girl. Love the charm and beaded detail of this statement piece. $89, Stella & Dot.

Pearl earrings will always be one of my favorite jewels. These pearls are stunning. The bow adds the perfect touch. $68, Kate Spade.


Fashion Attitude: Classic

Huge linked necklaces (left) are electrifying. I love how this simple piece can add that extra spice to an outfit. $80, ShopBop. 

Pearls are timeless and instantly add charm to any ensemble. I adore the one silver jewel here adding extra grace. $35, Debenhams.

Fashion Attitude: Glamorous

There you have it! Don’t you just love all the fun designs and edgy flavor each selection exudes? What is your fashion attitude towards these fashion pieces? Would you wear them?

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Christy Pastore, Adrian Kendrick and Devon Scott

Fashion As Seen On TV~ Elizabeth Hurley

Gossip Girl always brings the most fabulous styles and fashions into our living rooms each week. Recently Elizabeth Hurley's character, Diana Payne, was seen wearing this sleek, short-sleeved, power blue Derek Lam V-Neck Scuba Dress. The version that Elizabeth's character wore is slightly modified from that of the runway version.

Which style do you like better? 


Where to buy:; $990.00

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Liveinternet

Think Pink! It's Not Just For Girly Girls

Pink is a colour that is very much misunderstood. The stereotypical colour of baby clothes, Barbie dolls and eccentric women of a certain age (think queen of the romance novel Barbara Cartland), it is a colour that gets a bad rap and lots of negative opinion. Pink is, to be frank, considered the girliest of girly colours. But is it?

Maybe a little background will help to convince you of its merits…or if you already love it, then this will give you even more reason to. Common thoughts about pink revolve around young girls, first love, candy floss and frills—that is to say a mass of feminine clichés—but this has not always been the case.

The French, in fact, championed the idea of pink for girls and blue for boys back in the 19th century. The tradition, which quickly became popular in England, was touse a blue ribbon on a boy and pink on a girl merely to tell them apart. However, in the U.S. at the turn of the century, girls and boys were being dressed equally in blue, pink, white, and mauve. However, over time blue became popular with young girls and pink was considered a colour for boys because it was thought to be a stronger and more decided colour whereas blue was delicate and dainty and was also the colour associated with the Virgin Mary. The colours switched back to pink for girls and boy for blues around the 40s.

I can’t think of any woman who can really resist a little something pink. Now this is not news to all you pink lovers out there, but I can hear those of you who are more wary protesting. But are you not a little too ready to dismiss this most versatile and beautiful colour in all its complexity of shades? Is there not a pink side to all of us, even if it manifests itself in just a pair of candy pink killer heels or a slick of magenta lipstick? And remember, pink is a tint of that most passionate of colours, red. It is much more of a "Hey there” than a “Come on over” colour.

Does this mean as strong, independent women we can rock pink? I say that worn with some edge and attitude there is no reason why not. So how do we give pink a punch? To answer that let’s take a look at what the designers have done with pink for S/S12.

The latest Louis Vuitton ad campaign features a pretty pink backdrop and full-on pastels. The super feminine look is tempered by the models' funked up spikey hair. On the runway, Valentino showed fragile pink dresses shot with black and neon embroidery creating an embraced gentle sexiness with a cool vibe.

Pink was featured in a multitude of prints – from the bold, rocking blooms of Mary Katrantzou, to Prada's ballsy florals. For these designers pink is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Rochas paid tongue-in-cheek homage to the urban housewife. Rocking satin pink housecoats with mod prints, the models strutted the runway giving a Mad Men twist to the martini sipping, bored stay at home Desperate Housewives stereotype.

Chanel's stunning underwater theme featured striking notes of pastel pink alongside gorgeous shades of coral, pale shell and fuchsia. The shapes were simple and easy to wear – a constant hallmark of Lagerfeld’s work. As always with Lagerfeld’s work there was an abundance of gorgeous details: oversized pearl buttons, unexpected textures and seemingly weightless fabric. The ever present pearls were worn in the hair, glued down bare backs, as piercing and as belts – pink, delicate, sexy and sophisticated.

More proof that pink can be thoroughly modern. My advice? Wear it with slick hair, killer heels and strong make-up. Accessorise with clashing shades of blue or orange,  or embrace the entire look by mixing different shades of pink: fuchsia, rose or all out florescent. Most importantly, wear it with pride.

Girlie girls step aside. Pink is back with an attitude.

~Kate de Lacy @fashionedgy

Kate de Lacy is a writer currently residing in Bath, London. She has many passions and wears many fashionable hats  including those of  fashion blogger, journalist, illustrator, art historian and traveler. Kate is currently looking for an opportunity to move to the United States.

Image Source: Kate de Lacy, All Illustrations are copyright and sole property of Kate de Lacy and may not be used without her permission.

Bristol Fashion Week Blogger Event: Ice Cream Candy Catwalk

Bristol Fashion Week now in its 15th year runs from the 21st to the 25th of March at Cribbs Causeway. This year's presenters were celeb hairstylists Mark Hayes and Andrew Barton.

What separates BFW from high-end runway shows is that the items are all available from participating retailers in the mall and labelled with convenient tags for pre-show browsing and post-show purchasing.



John Lewis opened the show with a spectacular display of ice cream candy colours and cellophane flower collared models, taking a cue from the huge on trend S/S catwalk influences of Louis Vuitton. These soft ladylike dresses were given an extra injection with blingy shoes and funked out accessories to take the look from housewife to an edged out Mad Men feel.

Havery Nichols rocked nautical—another popular trend. Along with the pretty aquatic blues, turquoises and corals, came flashes of tropical fish, fuchsia pink and neon yellow.

Of 18 shows in total, each retailer had 12 scenes to showcase a theme.

I was not so impressed by the less than traditional takes on this idea. Topshop, for example, was like watching street theatre meets skater chav with equally loud and obnoxious music. This was followed by more of the same by the lower end shops such as Animal, Dune and Coast.

One redemption was the final shows where Hobbs showed off classy on-trend colour-blocking dresses. Marks and Spencers strutted some fab animal print looks. It also included Radley showcasing their practical and classy handbags.

The statement of this season was mix, match and clash: florals with stripes, pastels with ballsy bold colours and edgy accessories. It’s a huge trend this S/S. Remember this: if it doesn’t look like it works together, then you are probably rocking it.

~Kate de Lacy @fashionedgy

Kate de Lacy is a writer currently residing in Bath, London. She has many passions and wears many fashionable hats  including those of  fashion blogger, journalist, illustrator, art historian and traveler. Kate is currently looking for an opportunity to move to the United States.

Image Source: Bristol 24/7

ADSH: A House of Plenty~

Aesthetic Design Style House is a fashion services company representing independent designers. It provides resources to help take their businesses to the next level in the industry. Owner, Julia Rutland recently sat down with Indy's Attitude to talk about the exciting developments happening with Aesthetic Design Style House.

Indy's Attitude: Firstly, thank you, Julia, for taking time out of your busy schedule to fill us in on all the exciting happenings with ADSH.

Julia Rutland: Of course! Thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview with Indy's Attitude.

Tell us a little about Aesthetic Design Style House. 

There was no blueprint for what we wanted to do so it took some time to figure it all out. We are a fashion services company helping fashion professionals by providing designer representation, fashion public relations, studio services, a place for our designers to display their collections, and, above all else, we provide support. There was no real support system in place for the independent designer in Indiana and most felt they had to leave to be successful. It is our hope that we can strengthen that system and keep amazing talent here while bringing new talent into focus. 

We also represent a fashion photographer, a fashion stylist, and two models. It helps to have these resources under one roof so we are able to service our designers with anything they need whenever they need it. 

What is the best thing about your job? 

It’s not a job and that’s what I love so much! They say you never work a day in your life if you love what you do—it’s been a long road but I finally know what it means to be excited to get up and do what you love.

You’ve had some major developments and accomplishments in the past year. Tell us a little bit about your new home and merging with Ruby Leonne?  

We finally moved into an office this past year and are extremely glad we did so. Having a space exclusively for Aesthetic Design Style House means we are taken a bit more seriously—though Starbucks has gotten a lot of our money. 

The Ruby Leonne blog was such a wonderful platform for full-figured women to find support, resources, and up to date fashion for all sizes. The direction it was taking wasn’t exactly where they wanted it to be so they were going to have to close. I sat down with founder, Janelle Cissell, to brainstorm on how we could keep it alive. We realized what a great opportunity it would be to expand Ruby Leonne into its own brand and have them under the Aesthetic Design Style House umbrella. The plus size or full-figured market was one we hadn’t tapped into yet, and now we feel we have a great balance and so much to offer everyone.

ADSH represents a long list of emerging and established designers. Tell us a little bit about those designers.   

When I began four years ago I made a promise to myself that I would never sacrifice my integrity or values by working with designers that I didn’t truly believe in and love wholeheartedly. Our company, as a whole, makes a point to choose designers who have an interesting and unique aesthetic and to also find items that no one else has. We have a couple of designers who design within the same category (e.g. handbags) but their collections are so different that they wouldn’t share the same customer. That’s the beauty of it all—being able to find retail establishments who fit each designer while keeping the integrity of the designer as well as Aesthetic Design Style House. 

Today we have the best group of designers that we’ve ever had, and we are so excited about what the future holds. 

Why is ADSH the best choice for independent designers?  

We eat, breathe, and sleep fashion—specifically independent fashion. We are advocates and the voice for the designer which means we are personally invested in all they do and in their success. Also, we know how hard it is to begin a career in fashion and how much money it takes. We have taken that into consideration and have made it cost effective for them to hit the ground running. 

What has been your proudest moment since establishing your company?

Having my daughter come to me and ask if she could work with me for her job shadow day for school. It made me proud to know she has noticed how much I’ve put into this business and that she wanted to learn more. Hopefully she can take over where I leave off.

What’s ahead for ADSH in 2012?

So much and our wheels are still turning. It’s all about collaboration, and we feel that is the only way the fashion industry in Indianapolis will truly grow and evolve. 

We hope the events and programs we are implementing this year will only help to propel, not only our designers, but the fashion community in the Midwest as a whole. There are many projects we are working on which involve mentoring and guiding our young people who are interested in a career in fashion—they are the next generation and the better prepared they are, the easier success will be in their own future. 


Last purchase:  Birthday cake for my youngest daughter’s birthday

Three things in your purse/bag/briefcase:  Leopard print tissue holder, lip gloss, and my daughter’s sock (don’t ask).

I am totally obsessed with: Palazzo jumpsuits

My favorite beauty product right now is: Falsies mascara!

My fashion attitude is:  Classic, elegant, cute, sexy, glamorous or outrageous? Classglamgeous (Classic, glamorous, and outrageous). I love taking classic or vintage pieces and going outrageous in way of accessorizing—especially in the shoe department...and that’s always glamorous.

Click on images for a larger view

Be sure to visit the Aesthetic Design Style House website and follow them on Twitter @aestheticdesign

Next Thursday we will be traveling back to Indianapolis Woman Magazine. Join us for more fabulous interviews and reviews on this stylish journey. 


Christy Pastore, Adrian Kendrick and Devon Scott

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Trend Alert ~ Cap Toe Heels

From YSL to Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton and Guiseppe Zanotti, cap toe heels are everywhere this season. Though this two-toned style has been around for while, (Coco Chanel constructed her first pair in 1957) the trend that was a huge hit in the fall is still going strong for spring and summer. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart, Megan Fox and Solange Knowles are loving the ladylike heels.

Kristen Stewart wearing Louis Vuitton Megan Fox wearing YSL Solange Knowles wearing Stuart Weitzman

Shop this fabulous footwear trend:

Trend Alert ~ Cap Toe Heels


~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Iamge Source: Zimbio

Spring Wishlist: Sporty Chic Looks Under $200~

Rag & Bone, Versace and Alexander Wang set the bar for colorful and youthful looks amped up with plenty of comfort and style. The sporty chic trend has easy, athletic flare with a dose of femininity for spring and summer.

Try sexy knit shorts and skirts paired with bra tops and fluid racer back hoodies. Slouchy mesh sweaters paired with wide leg pants and sleek platform heels add a sophistication to the normally casual look.

Here are seven sporty chic fashions that won't break the bank or make you break a sweat.




Spring Wishlist ~ Sporty Chic Looks Under $200


1. Aldo, Mcenroe cross-body bag, $65; Shop Asos

2. Finders Keepers, Color block dress, $170; Shop Asos

3. Mesh stitch sweater; $59; Shop DKNY

4. Juicy Couture, Striped cotton-jersey shorts, $98; Shop Net-a-porter

5. BP, Manda sandal, $80; Shop Nordstrom

6. Andi linen zip pant, $118; Shop GUESS

7. Electro pop bandage skirt, $19; Shop Nasty Gal

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source:

Claudia Schiffer is a Guess Model Again~

To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Guess has tapped one of their most iconic faces, Claudia Schiffer, for a new ad campaign.

The denim brand helped launch the German supermodel's career with its iconic black & white ad campaign photographed by Ellen von Unwerth in the early 90s. The compaign featured the supermodel wearing several sexy ensembles and while in some memorable poses. One of the most famous images featured the supermodel wearing a lace bustier and gold hoop earrings (seen below).

Guess’ chief executive officer and creative director, Paul Marciano, stated that Schiffer played a huge role in the company’s success: “She was a turning point of Guess, she was a turning point of Ellen’s career, Guess was a turning point of a life for Claudia”.




In addition to the new ads, the brand has created a 15-piece capsule collection inspired by Schiffer and her fellow "Guess Girls." The collection will include daisy print jeans like the ones the 41-year-old is seen wearing in the this picture above, bedazzled tees with Line Gost and Anna Nicole Smith and a sleeveless black-and-white gingham top.





The American brand is also planning to air TV commercials internationally and behind-the-scenes videos in taxi TVs.

Looking at these images it doesn't seem that Claudia has aged a bit since the early 90s.

What do you think of Guess bringing Claudia back to celebrate this milestone anniversary? Do you like the new campaign images?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: WWD

Six Pre-Summer Must-Have Fashions~

Summer is fast approaching and it's not too early to start thinking about prepping your wardrobe for the warmer months. While you are in the midst of grabbing up the latest fashions for the spring season, remember that those trends can transition to your summer wardrobe as well.

Here are six affordable and stylish pre-summer items for you to consider adding to your closet, saving you time and money.

Six Pre-Summer Must Have Fashions~

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

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