Collections to Covet: Baukjen SS 2013

If you are looking for easy, relaxed pieces in the freshest colors to liven up your wardrobe this spring, British brand Baukjen's latest arrivals might just be the perfect fit. The collection features an abundance of  lightweight fabrics such as jersey, chiffon and the very popular chambray. Hues of punchy peach, champagne and steel blue can standout alone or combine for statement making outfit color combinations. I love the styling possibilities for effortless looks that can easliy transition from season to season.

Here are a few of my favorites.

L to R: Elsa Shirt Dress; $179.00// Maggie Loose Tank, $65.00 and Jamie Pleat Skirt, $159.00// Sophia Sequin Jacket, $265.00//

Adding a pair of tights and a cute pair of boots to the Elsa Shirt Dress would create a chic look for fall. I adore the glittering bronzed Sophia Sequin Jacket. You can pair it with a skirt for an eye-cathing date night look or a pair of jeans for a dressed up casual look.

What do you guys think? Which pieces would you add to your Spring/Summer wardrobe?

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Baukjen PR

Essential Transitional Pieces

By Laura K. Jackson

Have you ever anxiously paced in front of your closet wondering what to wear? Has this ever happened to you during the transitions of seasons? Many women find themselves in a crux during the changing seasons for many reasons, but one of the most prominent is that many women are not sure how to re-work their outfits using the same essential pieces from season to season. If you are one of the many women who has found herself in this conundrum, then fret not! Below is a list of my top five must-haves for every fashionista.

1) Print Dress
Think of it this way—it’s an all-around, all-season one piece outfit. Let’s say you pair it with opaque leggings and a jacket in the fall, you can just as easily wear it in the springtime with a ¾ length sleeved cardigan and wedges and both options are office appropriate!

Print Dress - Spring

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2) Blazer
An absolute staple item because it adds a casual chic-ness to any ensemble. A black blazer, in particular, is a go-to item for me during any season, especially when the sweltering temperatures outside don’t match the cool temperature of the office. For example, a black blazer paired with a bright poppy-colored tank and white pencil skirt for work looks chic.

Blazer - Work

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3) Black Pumps
Ah yes, the sexy but professional shoe. They’re the quintessential transitional shoes that work year round and in basically any situation (save the gym and the beach). Be sure to invest in a pair that is stylish and comfortable. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of comfort when it comes to frequently worn shoes. Also, I’d say that it’s important to buy a shoe with a reasonable heel height. Three inches is my favorite height. If you want to go lower, make sure it’s a kitten heel, whereas if you want to go higher, a stacked or thicker heel would work well.

Black Pumps

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4) Cardigans
These versatile, yet oh-so-snuggly sweaters are an absolute staple to any fashionista’s closet. Not only do they come in varying sizes and fabrics, but they can be paired with countless options. That print dress I mentioned earlier? Pair it with a button down cardigin in the same color family, throw on your pumps, and if it’s extra brisk outside, slip on the blazer over the cardigan. Layering is key to keeping your wardrobe seasonless.


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5) Basic Tees
It may seem obvious, but owning various cotton tees is essential for re-working your wardrobe. Collecting tees in various styles such as crew necks, v-necks or scoop necks, in a multitude of colors, can dress up or down your look. Imagine piecing together a black crew neck tee with a simple khaki pencil skirt, while accessorizing with a bold necklace and a punchy skinny belt. See how non-basic that “basic" tee seems now? Also, based on the season, you’ll want to collect a variety of sleeve lengths – ranging from long, elbow, ¾, and short. The aforementioned outfit would look great with any sleeve length and layered with other pieces as well.


Basic Tees - Outfit

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