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John Weiss~ Man of Style

Ladies, meet your Valentine’s date – John Weiss. This Indianapolis native loves an adventure: riding his Harley and international travel make the top of that list. Professionally, John is the VP of Operations / Director of Digital Media for Weiss Communications, Inc., specializing in niche media products and brands for women. One of those media outlets is Indianapolis Woman Magazine, one of our favorite stylish reads. A guy with five sisters has to know a thing or two about women, right? 

Weiss says, "My passion lies in learning and growing both personally and professionally. I have always enjoyed new crowds, new trends and new ideas. There’s something about incredibly talented people that ignites my curiosity."

Speaking of new ideas, John has been heavily involved in the development of Local Local Lisa is the one stop shop for busy women in Indianapolis. Lisa sifts through the daily deals in and around town and shares the best deals with you in one convenient place. 

Personally John defines himself as a friend, son, brother, uncle, best man, nephew, godson, mentor, mentee and recently a Godfather.

"I believe it’s the relationships you build that help make you who you are."  You could also say he is a "dad" to his pit bull, Jackson.

Want to know more about our Man of Style? Check out our interview with John below.

FWU: What’s your ‘go-to’ outfit/look?

John: Out of office - fitted black jeans, long sleeved t-shirt with colored v-neck on top, paired with interesting shoes and always matching socks. In the office – two-piece, two-button, tailored suit paired with a crisp collared shirt, no tie and black square-toed shoes.

FWU: Favorite thing about working for Indianapolis Woman Magazine/ Weiss Communications, Inc.

John: The people I work with. The team here at Indy Woman is an amazing group of individuals. There’s such a wide range of age, background, perception and beliefs it makes every project all the more interesting. I also get to meet some amazing, intelligent and creative individuals – I have great respect for their talent.

Outside of the magazine business I'm an avid entrepreneur, jumping at any opportunity and learning on the fly. My motto is expect to be unprepared. Then you will never worry.

FWU: When you want to relax, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

John: Couch, dog, DVR

FWU: If you could go anywhere in the world where and why?

John: Well I’ve been to Italy, Australia and Hawaii so fourth on my list would be Africa – I’ve always wanted to see Victoria Falls.

FWU: If you had to pick, blondes or brunettes?

John: Brunettes, but why didn’t gingers makes the list?

FWU: What’s your favorite childhood memory?

John: When I was like five I lived in an apartment with my dad. On Christmas morning (the first I can remember), I woke up and there were no presents! My dad had hidden them throughout the apartment complex…I got a robot!

FWU: Favorite thing about living in Indianapolis?

John: The opportunity. It’s inexpensive enough to make a living and big enough to be successful. The food and people are pretty good too.

FWU: What’s at the top of your bucket list?

John: Skydiving (the thought terrifies me).

FWU: Finally John, Valentine’s Day is coming up. What’s your idea of the perfect romantic date?

John: Good homemade dinner, bottle(s) of nice wine, candle light and a little music.

John's Favorite's

Favorite drink? Maker’s Mark with Coke (if not alcohol, Powerade Zero mixed berry flavor). 

Favorite movie? True Romance

Favorite singer/Band? Bradley Noell

Favorite restaurant? Barcelona Tapas

Favorite song on iPod? Queen of the Westside by Brett Dennen

Favorite sport to watch? Football (Michigan Wolverines and Indianapolis Colts)

Favorite sport to play? Basketball

Celebrity crush? Zooey Deschanel

Favorite clothing/accessories? Black boot-cut Express jeans

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~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Images by: Dauss Foto

Clothing provided by: Circle City Tuxedo & John's own wardrobe

TJ Faust ~ Man of Style

Ladies, meet your Valentine’s date – TJ Faust. TJ describes himself as a musician at heart but by day he is the most social man in Las Vegas, by way of Miami. As the Marketing Coordinator for Vegas Player magazine, which is the official Lifestyle magazine of Caesars Entertainment, TJ spends his time promoting the exciting events and entertainment that Sin City has to offer. Attending photo shoots and being involved with marketing campaigns is not a bad day job! Wondering how he nabbed this social job? “Interestingly, I basically walked in the door on Good Friday and handed them my resume and bluntly stated I want a job. They appreciated the bravery it takes to do something like that and decided to take a chance on an insane person like myself!” Growing up all around the country including places like Dallas, Chicago and Nashville, adjusting to new schools and experiences contributed to TJ’s social nature. Being able to meet people and make friends easily comes effortlessly to the 23 year-old Miami resident. The basics that you need to know about this stylish man are that he loves the outdoors, spending time with his friends and family and, being that he is a musician at heart, he plays the guitar and sings everyday. Doesn’t he sound like the perfect Valentine’s date? If you aren’t already swooning or wishing he would sing you one of his songs here’s the clincher – he is an animal lover….and our hearts melt.

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FWU: What’s your 'go-to' outfit/look?
TJ: Depends…During the workweek I usually rock a pair of jeans, cowboy boots, and a button down shirt or t-shirt. I spent some time living in Texas and I adapted the wear boots to everything mentality. On the weekends, you can usually find me in a pair of board shorts and probably shoeless and shirtless, but maybe I’ll toss on a long sleeve rash guard (surfing shirt) or hoodie if it’s cold out.

FWU: Favorite thing about working for Vegas Player?
TJ: Las Vegas is such an exciting city and we convey that excitement in our magazine, nobody does Sin City like we do. I am lucky enough to be involved in the marketing campaigns and get to experience this excitement first hand. Vegas Player is owned and produced by Onboard Media in Miami Beach and I feel so fortunate to work for such a great company that treats their employees so well.

FWU: When you want to relax, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?
TJ: I’ve really gotten into paddle boarding and kite boarding…However; I don’t think you could really call kite-surfing relaxing it’s a pretty extreme sport. But I'm most relaxed when engaging in extreme activities. If I’m super tired I’ll relax by my pool.

FWU: If you could go anywhere in the world where and why?
TJ: I want to go to Australia to scuba dive through the Great Barrier Reef and do the Sydney Harbor Bridge Climb. Even though I sometimes get nervous on planes, I read about this hang gliding school that teaches you for an hour and then lets you fly solo. I have a lot of friends and family hoping that this school down under goes under before I step foot in Australia- I’m hoping they decrease the teaching bit to an even half hour.

FWU: If you had to pick, Blondes or Brunettes?
TJ: I’ve heard that blondes have more fun, but I have seen a few brunettes having a pretty awesome time so I think I will say –blondnette.

FWU: What’s your favorite childhood memory?
TJ: It’s a three way tie between dogsledding through Alberta, Canada; snowmobiling through Yellowstone National Park; and mountain biking through the California side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range with my dad. I saw some of the most beautiful parts of the wilderness on these adventures and I can still see these places and memories in my dreams.

FWU: Favorite thing about living in Miami?
TJ: Having the ocean as my backyard and being able to drive with the top down in my convertible 90% of the year.

FWU: Since music is a passion, if you could switch lives with one musical person, who would it be?
TJ: For sure Jimmy Buffett…Let’s be honest, that dude gets to sing about margaritas and the beach to a crowd full of attractive women in grass skirts and coconut bikini tops.. How could you beat that? Oh, and did I mention he has court side seats to the Heat and even got kicked out of a game for arguing with a ref. That dude knows how to live.

FWU: Valentine’s Day is coming up, what’s your idea of the perfect romantic date?
TJ: I think something laidback and spontaneous. Maybe like a sunset/dusk walk on the beach followed by dinner and drinks at Joes Stone Crabs or Smith and Wollensky’s at South Point followed by something different and crazy. Valentine’s Day should be a day for fun with someone you love, like, or have interest in. People take it way to seriously and it puts way too much pressure on the night, pressure kills romance in my opinion. Spontaneity is the way to go. Do I have a special lady for the special day? No lady set in stone, but I may have one in mind. She fits into the hair category of blondnette, crazy right?

FWU: What’s at the top of your Bucket List?
TJ: I want to step foot in every continent and swim in every ocean, life’s too short not to explore the world we live in to the fullest. So grab a drink, forget your troubles, and come take a trip around the world with me.

TJ's Favorites

We want to know about your favorite things:

Favorite Drink? Ha! Actually I would have to say club soda with lime, maybe with a touch of vodka from time to time.

Favorite Movie? A Time to Kill

Favorite Band/Singer? I love country music and a lot of the music that I write or cover is country inspired with a touch of rock and blues. I definitely listen to Keith Urban a lot but also keep up with the Texas Country scene a lot.

Favorite Restaurant? Blue Goose Cantina in Dallas, Texas

Favorite Item in your wardrobe? That would be my assortment of Burberry vintage straight leg jeans. Having family in the UK forces you to wear British labels which I'm not complaining.

Favorite Song on your iPod? According to the play count Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift..God that's embarrassing for a 23 year old straight male. Let's go with Kiss a Girl by Keith Urban.

Favorite Sport to watch? Ice Hockey and the MIAMI HEAT

Favorite Sport to play? Ice hockey, I played club hockey for SMU in college and I still play for a men's league here in South Florida.

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