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Is Mischa Barton Headed For a Comeback?

Mischa Barton? Where has she been? If you asked us a year ago if we thought Mischa could pull off a comeback, the answer would seem unlikely. However, these days the 26-year-old is possibly poised for a career revival. Trust us, we are not certain Barton is ready just yet. However, with her legal and health troubles safely behind her, she seems to be on the road to redemption. Here are a few hints that might suggest the former teen star is building momentum for a comeback.

Firstly, her appearance is rapidly improved. Barton went through a drastic weight gain and loss period from 2008 - 2009. In June of 2009, Mischa attended the event opening of Harrods Summer Sale in London looking puffy, pale and unhealthy. The actress later responded to criticism for her appearance, stating she had a wisdom tooth pulled and suffered severe swelling.

Her yo-yo weight continued to fluctuate going from a size 12 to a size 6. There was much speculation that Mischa had been burning the candle at both ends and was drained emotionally and physically between her break-up with Kooks singer, Luke Pritchard, and too much partying in London. The OC alum recently turned to celebrity stylist, June Ambrose for an image makeover, and it appears to be working.

She launched a vintage-inspired clothing line in Dubai just last week. Not only does the line include clothing and accessories, but also cosmetics bearing her name. It seems that Dubai was the place to launch the collection, due to the popularity of her 14-piece handbag line she created for ASOS in 2008. According to WWD, the retro-inspired line will be available in the U.K. next month and expanding to other markets including the United States within the year. A business adventure of this kind takes more than just a figure head. Barton must have her head in the game to make these kinds of decisions.

She is once again a cover girl. Mischa is on the cover of Korean Nylon and on the debut cover of the new magazine TWELV. Appearing on two magazine covers is quite the way to get major PR for yourself. 

Finally, Mischa has a handful of movies coming out. Most likely not blockbuster hits, but she appears along side some big names in Hollywood including: Michael Clarke Duncan, Martin Sheen and Rebecca De Mornay. If these films prove to have any kind of box office success, it could thrust her back into stardom.

So take a look at these clues and tell us: Are these all signs that Mischa has what it takes to move beyond her troubled past? One thing we can say for sure is that we are rooting for her.

~Christy Pastore @christypastore

Image Source: Zimbio

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