New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Vera Wang

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 RTW: Vera Wang

The goddess of New York femininity stays true to her soft roots in her latest Spring collection. Like many other designers this season, extreme, bold colors seem to be the bond that holds the collection together. Reemerging this season with Vera Wang is the trend of lace and embroidered pieces, a staple for the designer that loves anything romantic and delicate. 

With Vera Wang, her clothes generally seem to take their shape with interesting forms and style lines. When this isn't the case, they tend to remain strikingly simple, allowing the fabrication to convey the feeling behind the piece. Amidst the spectrum of colors displayed in the show, is an electric yellow dress, free of complex engineering or patternmaking. The effortless silhouette is transformed into true fashion because of the alluring textile choice, allowing for a sexy, sheer look without coming near tasteless.



Whites and other neutral ensembles break up the flashy color story here and there, continuing their graceful personas. Here, along with a heavily embroidered skirt, is a simple top that is made interesting with a plunging neckline. The neckline is a curious addition, severe in nature, a contrast to the calm and serene flow of the other looks. It is a welcome addition to spice things up.







 Finally, I thought it would be a crime to not mention several of these icy blue looks, a color that seems to have been vacant from Spring for quite some time. Notice the classic neckline and the flattering shape of the positioning of shoulders and armholes that takes something standard and transcends it with a gorgeous fabric choice.

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